Social Networking & Recreation

Many of our friends with intellectual delays, physical disabilities or social anxiety too often see their communities as a challenging environments, preventing them from venturing out unless absolutely necessary. We strive to make our communities more inclusive and welcoming to all, through targeted social and recreational programs. 

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Socialization: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Non-Verbal (High)
Non-Verbal (Low)
Verbal (High)
Verbal (Low)

Culinary Arts & Fine-Dining

Basic & Fine-Dining Etiquette
Adaptive Event Planning Consultation
Basic Life-Skills Cooking & Palate Development
Adaptive Cooking

Socialization: Social Anxiety

Physical Limitations,

Socialization: Social Anxiety

Adaptive Canvas Painting
Home Decor

Special Events

Small Group Mixers
Large Group Mixers
Community Inclusion Awareness & Education Events
Private Party Consultion & Planning

Community Resources & Inclusion

Event Planning Assistance
Vacation & Family Recreation Planning
Controlled Community Outings & Events
Employment & Volunteer Resources