About Us

To foster confidence and self-empowerment for individuals with developmental delays, physical disabilities, social anxieties and other barriers preventing social integration.


We believe that all people possess unique attributes and skills that are valuable to the community, and people with physical and cognitive disabilities and/or social anxieties are no less valuable to their communities than others. The desire for meaningful social relationships is common to all people and should be facilitated and nurtured in an environment that is as natural as possible. Simple adaptations in an environment can play a significant role in the actions and reactions of individuals participating in social and community events.


Illumination Foundation of North Carolina (IFNC) will work within the community to build meaningful relationships that lead to more accepting, accessible and inclusive environments for those with physical disabilities and cognitive disorders. We will achieve this vision by connecting individuals to community resources, providing real-life training, advocacy opportunities, community education, controlled socialization, vocational guidance and consultative support.


Kathy Moore

Rosy Moore

Jodie Depascale

Sakeem Harmon

Allen Boyd


Illumination Foundation of North Carolina (IFNC) was created in late 2015 with the intent to help individuals and families of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities overcome the obstacles to integrating into their communities.