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Meet the Calfee Family! Xavier Calfee is a disabled US Marine veteran, a remarkable man who has faced challenges transitioning back into civilian life. Along with his lovely wife Jennifer, they are parents to three energetic little boys; Little Xavier (X2), Miles and Dallas. Big Xavier, from Virginia, and Jennifer, from Louisiana, are raising their family in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our state is fortunate to have them.

The challenges that Big Xavier and Jennifer have experienced in their lives before becoming parents could not prepare them for the news they received shortly after the birth of their oldest child, X2. He was diagnosed with Truncus Arteriosus, a rare congenital heart defect that leaves him with only one blood vessel leading from the heart instead of the usual two.

X2 has endured three open-heart surgeries and five heart catheterization procedures. In mid-July, he underwent a procedure to insert a Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve (also known as a “Melody valve”) into his heart through an access point in his leg. The procedure can lengthen the amount of time until patients need additional open-heart surgeries, so the hope is that the “Melody valve” will greatly reduce the number of more invasive heart surgeries X2 will need throughout his lifetime.

While X2‘s health is the biggest concern, we at Illumination Foundation of North Carolina (IFNC) recognize the needs of his parents and his little brothers. Our organization is dedicated to lending a helping hand to those with physical disabilities and cognitive disorders. Big Xavier gave part of his life to protect all of us, and now we give our thanks by assisting him and his family through a difficult period in their lives. We ask you to join us in raising money for post-surgery supplies, child care, relief from missing income and socialization. Please be a light for the Calfee family!

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What is truncus arteriosus?

Truncus Arteriosus (TRUNG-kus ahr-teer-e-O-sus) is a rare congenital heart defect that causes a person to have only one large artery to carry blood to the lungs and body instead of two separate arteries. Additionally, there is a small hole between the two lower chambers of the heart know as a ventricular septal defect.

What is a "Melody valve?"

The Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve (TPV), or “Melody valve,” is an artificial heart valve made from the jugular vein valve of a cow that is sewn into a small metal frame. Through a small incision, typically in the groin, the Melody TPV is pushed through a vein to the failing pulmonary heart valve.