02 Feb 2017

Living life as a quadriplegic is not easy. Beyond the obvious challenges related to losing physical independence, the world is not exactly designed for your convenience. No matter how many resources governments and NGOs put into researching solutions for improving the lives of disabled people, some solutions can only be discovered by the necessity of a person living the life.

Enter, a website dedicated to sharing “a collection of useful solutions to everyday problems like: how to drink coffee without using your hands, how to hack a wheelchair, and how to smartify your home.” It is like a version of life hacks for wheelchair-bound people, and the site also does a great job of reviewing products, giving tips and providing tutorials to show how to implement the ides. is a valuable resource for all levels of wheelchair users, and they want the help of everyone to bring new inventions, hacks, tip and tricks to their readers, so anyone can submit an idea that could make someone’s life better.

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