Loren and Chris Build a Sensory Board

28 Feb 2017

Chris w/sensory boardHi. I’m Loren. My friend Chris and I constructed the sensory board pictured above. Chris lives with autism, so this project was kind of a big deal. He was very excited as we planned every detail and carefully placed each piece on the board. Chris participated in every step, from listing and choosing materials to painting and construction. Utilizing my education and experience as an aspiring Occupational Therapist, in conjunction with Chris’ life experiences with autism, we were able to build this awesome collaboration of sensory input.

We enjoyed the process so much that we would like to make more. If you are interested in this board or a custom design, we would love to talk to you. Please contact us at lobringle@gmail.com or kathy@illuminationnc.og

*The materials used to create this sensory board: magnetic play, zippers, treasure box, latches, pom-poms, emoticons, textures, sound and light boxes, looping and shoe tying and much more!


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