We are Illumination Foundation

03 Aug 2016

Hello! We are Illumination Foundation of North Carolina (IFNC). IFNC was founded by Kathy Moore, Rosy Moore, Jodie DePascale, Sakeem Harmon, and Allen Boyd in late 2015. Recognizing that so many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), physical disabilities, and social anxiety disorders so often have difficulties connecting and integrating to their communities, our founders decided to form an organization that could build a bridge from the isolation created by these conditions to the contentment of being a full member of society.

Illumination Foundation exists to make the state of North Carolina a better place by helping some of our most valuable and gifted citizens understand that the world is not such a scary place. We hope to share the knowledge and techniques that we have learned over the years–through professional and personal experience–with anyone who feels that there are emotional, mental, or physical obstacles preventing them from getting everything thay want out of life.

We look forward to engaging in an open dialogue about ways to improve the lives of those who are too often in the shadows, those who have more to offer to society than they even know. Illumination Foundation of North Carolina was founded by family, and we welcome all of  you to be a part of that family.



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